Virtual Chrome™

Paint that virtually looks like real chrome straight from a spray gun! Virtual Chrome™ has no equal. Using a regular spray gun simply follow our step-by-step instructions to have Virtual Chrome™ just like 888 racing from your gun. Virtual Chrome™ offers an exciting chrome-like finish that can be applied to vehicles, wheels, trim components, artwork, plastics, wood, tiles and glass. If it can be painted it can be Virtual Chromed™!

Quick application guide:

  • Virtual Chrome™ is applied over a Pure Black BaZecoat™ which has been 2K clear coated with Diamond Clear™. The clear coat must have a high gloss finish and must be fully cured.
  • Then using a mini gun 0.8mm, apply very light coats of Virtual Chrome™ best results are normally achieved with 3-4 light coats.
  • Key Clear™ over the Virtual Chrome™ to lock the Virtual Chrome™ in place with maximum adhesion and minimal loss of chrome effect.
  • Finally apply Diamond Clear™ 2K top coat for a high gloss finish with UV protection. See TDS for all details.

Virtual Chrome Training Courses
Want some hands on training and practice before you take on that big project? Book yourself into one of our “Chrome Painting” courses that run regularly at the DNA® Custom Paints training facility in Melbourne, Australia.

500ml Virtual Chrome Kit

Virtual Chrome Kits available:
VCK-250 (250ml Kit)   $417.21
VCK-500 (500ml Kit)   $696.27
VCK-1 (1 litre Kit)     $1212.54
VCK-4 (4 litre Kit)   $3207.85

All kits contain:
1x Virtual Chrome
1x Diamond Clear Kit (2K)
1x Key Clear Kit (2K)
1x Pure Black BaZecoat
1x Basecoat reducer
1x Microfibre Polish Cloth
1x Chrome Spray Gun (500ml kit only)