Virtual Chrome Paint

Virtual Chrome Paint

Welcome to DNA® – Custom Paints, where we introduce you to the future of automotive and art finishes. Check out Virtual Chrome Paint, a marvel replicating the dazzling effect of real chrome straight out of a spray gun. Move beyond the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with Virtual Chrome™. If you ever wish to turn any paintable surface into a shining chrome masterpiece, we have the magic potion for you.

Why Choose Virtual Chrome Paint?

Unique Aesthetics: When you opt for Virtual Chrome™, you're not just choosing paint but a striking chrome-like finish that's hard to distinguish from real chrome.
Versatility:  Whether it's vehicles, wheels, intricate trim components, captivating artwork, or even household items like plastics, wood, tiles, and glass if you can paint it, you can chrome it with Virtual Chrome™.
Unmatched Quality: With DNA® – Custom Paints, you're always assured of the highest standards. Our Virtual Chrome™ paint stands unparalleled in the market.

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Quick Application Guide:

Begin with our Pure Black – BaZecoat™ that's been elegantly 2K clear coated with Diamond Clear, ensuring a lustrous high gloss finish.
With a mini gun of 0.7mm, delicately apply light coats of Virtual Chrome Paint. 3-4 light coats should do the trick for that unparalleled gleam.
Apply Key Clear to protect your chrome finish and keep its shine intact.To cap it all, layer with Diamond Clear™ 2K top coat, ensuring a mesmerising gloss and vital UV protection.

Chrome Spray Paint Kit

DNA® – Custom Paints knows that our customers deserve nothing but the best. Hence, we present our comprehensive chrome spray paint kits designed to cater to varied requirements:

Choosing our kits ensures you have everything you need for that perfect chrome finish at your fingertips.

Shadow Chrome

DNA® – Custom Paints isn't just about pure chrome. Explore the darker, sultrier side of chrome finishes with Shadow Chrome. This variant offers a deeper, smokier appearance, ensuring your paintwork has a mysterious attraction. Like its lighter counterpart, the Shadow Chrome is versatile, high-quality, and ideal for many surfaces. Whether you want to add a touch of intrigue to your vehicle or give an artwork a more profound depth, Shadow Chrome has got you covered.

Ready to Shine? Dive into the World of Chrome with DNA® – Custom Paints!

Why settle for bore when you can chrome? With DNA® – Custom Paints, you're not just opting for a product but investing in an experience. Whether it's the brilliance of Virtual Chrome Paint, the comprehensive chrome spray kit, or the enigmatic shadow chrome, we've got something for every chrome enthusiast out there. Dive into the chrome world with us, and let your imagination shine!

Virtual Chrome Kits available:
VCK-250 (250ml Kit)
VCK-500 (500ml Kit)
VCK-1 (1 litre Kit)
VCK-4 (4 litre Kit)

All kits contain:
1x Virtual Chrome
1x Diamond Clear Kit (2K)
1x Key Clear Kit (2K)
1x Pure Black BaZecoat
1x Basecoat reducer
1x Microfibre Polish Cloth