Virtual Chrome™

Paint that virtually looks like real chrome straight from a spray gun! Virtual Chrome™ has no equal. Using a regular spray gun simply follow our step-by-step instructions to have Virtual Chrome™ just like 888 racing from your gun. Virtual Chrome™ offers an exciting chrome-like finish that can be applied to vehicles, wheels, trim components, artwork, plastics, wood, tiles and glass. If it can be painted it can be Virtual Chromed™!

Quick application guide:

  • Virtual Chrome™ is applied over a Pure Black BaZecoat™ which has been 2K clear coated with Diamond Clear™. The clear coat must have a high gloss finish and must be fully cured.
  • Then using a mini gun 0.8mm, apply very light coats of Virtual Chrome™ best results are normally achieved with 3-4 light coats.
  • Key Clear™ over the Virtual Chrome™ to lock the Virtual Chrome™ in place with maximum adhesion and minimal loss of chrome effect.
  • Finally apply Diamond Clear™ 2K top coat for a high gloss finish with UV protection. See TDS for all details.
DNA Virtual Chrome

Virtual Chrome Kits available:
VCK-250 (250ml Kit)
VCK-500 (500ml Kit)
VCK-1 (1 litre Kit)
VCK-4 (4 litre Kit)

All kits contain:
1x Virtual Chrome
1x Diamond Clear Kit (2K)
1x Key Clear Kit (2K)
1x Pure Black BaZecoat
1x Basecoat reducer
1x Microfibre Polish Cloth