Trident Airbrush Paint

Welcome to the future of airbrushing! DNA® – Custom Paints proudly introduces Trident Airbrush Paint. It effortlessly connects the gap between traditional airbrushing and the next generation of artistry. Step into a place where accuracy, brilliance, and longevity come together, making every creation glow.

Airbrush Paint Kit

Every artist knows that their creation's essence lies in their tools. That's why our airbrush paint kit is not just a set but a holistic experience. Carefully created, each kit ensures that everyone, from beginners to professionals, finds their rhythm in the colourful world of airbrush art supplies.

What's Inside?

Variety: A stunning array of airbrush colours to let your imagination soar.
Performance: Every drop guarantees an unmatched flow, offering you unparalleled control and precision.
Safety: Created for home enthusiasts and professionals, our paints ensure safety with no harsh solvents.

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Water Based Airbrush Paint

The Trident water based airbrush paint is a testament to DNA® – Custom Paint's commitment to innovation. Unlike traditional paints, Trident is in a league of its own, proving that you don't need solvents for excellence.

Why Choose Trident's Solvent Based Airbrush Paint?

True Atomisation: Experience a water-based paint that doesn't just flow but atomises to perfection, mimicking the behaviour of top-performing urethane.
Versatility: On both hard metals and soft fabrics, Trident sticks well.
Efficiency: The ease of layering, quick masking, and unmatched adhesion ensures your artwork remains impeccable.
Eco-Friendly: Bid goodbye to harsh solvents. Create masterpieces in the comfort of your home, ensuring safety for you and the environment.

The DNA® Artist Experience

DNA® – Custom Paints believes in empowering artists. And Trident embodies that belief. Engineered with artists in mind, this paint line caters to those seeking the best.

Key Features of Trident

Multi-Surface Mastery: An adaptable paint that is just as radiant on concrete as it is on leather or textiles.
Scratch & Erase Excellence: Perfect for techniques that demand precision and consistency.
UV Stability: Tested under harsh Australian conditions, ensuring your artwork remains fade-free and vibrant.
Fine Nozzle Compatibility: Experience seamless painting even with super-fine 0.18mm nozzles.
Top Coat Compatibility: Trident's brilliance remains undiminished under acrylic, urethane, and 2K top coat clears.

The Trident Airbrush Colours Palette

Enter a world where every colour speaks a language. The Trident Airbrush Colours range is carefully chosen to stand alone and blend seamlessly, providing artists with a limitless spectrum. Every bottle promises quality, flow, and UV stability, ensuring your art remains as vibrant as your vision.

Check out Trident, the airbrush paint set by DNA® Custom Paints. It's simple yet transformative, offering everyone a chance to express their creativity and bring art to life effortlessly.

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TRIDENT Features...

  • Multi-Surface technology
  • Suitable for Scratch & Erase painting
  • U.V. stable & tested in Australian conditions
  • Get amazing flow through even the finest of airbrush nozzles (right down to 0.18)
  • Paint solid strokes with confidence of great paint performance and adhesion
  • Build layers quickly
  • Use hand and computer cut adhesive masks with minimum build
  • Re-mask with confidence almost immediately
  • Fully durable under acrylic, urethane and 2K top coat clears, with no bleeding or re-activation, even on the finest of lines
  • Paint safely at home with no harsh solvents

TRIDENT Airbrush Sets

TRIDENT Waterbased Airbrush Colors are also available in a number of value added sets.
8 different sets to choose from

8x Colors 1x Reducer Concentrate & 1x Transparent Base. The TRU8 color set gives you a rich, vibrant and extensive color palette
10ml, 50ml & 250ml sets

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3x Primary colors plus Black & White. A true beginners set designed to help you learn and master the airbrush.
10ml & 50ml set 

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These colors are put together as a set of 4x colors & 500ml of Reducer for airbrush artists to produce rich monotone artworks in a “CORE” range of colours
10ml & 250ml set

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Flesh Tone colors specifically designed to produce beautiful life-like skin tones. Set includes 8x Colors, 1x Reducer Concentrate & 1x Transparent Base
10ml & 50ml set 

Shop - Flesh Tone Sets

7x Pearl Colors 1x Transparent Base & 2x Empty mixing bottles.
10ml & 50ml set

Shop - Pearl Sets

3x Metallics & 1x Transparent Base
High Metallic content with great coverage
10ml & 50ml set

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5x Fluorescent Colors 1x Tru White, All you need for bright Fluros in one set!
10ml & 50ml set 

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TRIDENT Airbrush Colors

TRIDENT colors are a carefully selected range of colors that are great on their own but will also mix cleanly and effectively to give a rich, vibrant and extremely extensive colour palette to you, the airbrush artist.
TRIDENT paints are of exacting quality and offer superb flow and control.
UV stable with brilliant colour and performance. Colour Mixing Guide

TRIDENT Airbrush Colors - Shop

TRIDENT Airbrush Solid Colors & Transparent Base
These solid colors mix cleanly and effectively to give a rich, vibrant and extensive palette to you, the airbrush artist!
Full range of colours!
10ml, 50ml, 250ml & 500ml

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TRIDENT Airbrush Metallic Colors
Waterbased Metallic Airbrush paint with high metallic content.

Gold, Silver & Copper in 10ml, 50ml & 250ml

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TRIDENT Airbrush Pearls
Trident pearls are a traditional interference pearl. These are applied over a black or darker dark colors for a stronger or more dramatic effect or over lighter colors for a more subtle and transparent effect.
7 Pearl Colours, 10ml & 50ml

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Applied over a white base color or white T-Shirt to achieve maximum fluorescence of color.
5 Fluro Colours 10ml & 50ml

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TRIDENT Reducers, T-Shirt Booster & Airbrush Cleaner

Designed to maximise paint flow and minimise tip dry. Available as a Ready-to-Use reducer or as a Concentrate.

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Transparent Base
A Pigment free base that is used as a colour extender to make colours less saturated and increase transparency without changing paint viscosity, colour or performance. A better and more professional alternative to over-reducing your paint.

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This Concentrated Cleaner cleans, conditions your seals & lubricates your airbrush. (250ml makes 2.5lt)

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T-Shirt Booster
TRIDENT Minimises fade and wash out. Applied directly over artwork on textiles & then heat set to lock in the paint & colors.

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TRIDENT 50ml Mixing Bottles
10x TRIDENT empty 50ml mixing bottles with flip-top cap and shaker marble in every bottle.
Mix up your custom colours and keep them ready to go!

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