HS Primer Kit – 1.5lt


*HS Primer


HS Primer Hardener

DNA™ HS Primer Hardener, used with HS Primer Grey & White  (2K)
Speeds available: Fast, Medium & Slow
Sizes available: 1lt & 250ml (250ml Medium only)

Fast: Used in colder conditions to speed up Flash-Off times
Medium: Used under most conditions
Slow: Used to slow down flash-off times and increase levelling times also used in hot conditions or for larger jobs


HS Primer Reducer

HS Primer Reducer can be added to HS Primer so that it can be used as a low build primer surfacer

Primer Surfacer Mix Ratio: 4:1:1
4 Part HS Primer
1 Part HS Primer Hardener
1 Part HS Primer Reducer

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HS Primers – Grey & White Tintable
‘HS’ Primer™ Grey or White (filler/surfacer) is an Ultra High Build 2K Primer-Filler which can also be thinned (reduced) and used as a low build primer surfacer. HS Primer White is fully tintable with 5 tint colours to choose from. HS Primer can also be sprayed wet-on-wet.
‘HS’ Primer™ is a versatile High-Solid primer that is designed to be used on a large variety of surfaces including plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, timber, craft wood and fiberglass, in fact it can be used on almost any surface and dries to a matte finish.
‘HS’ Primer™ (filler/surfacer) is able to be used for spot, panel and overall applications for motor vehicle repairs, custom painting, cabinet making, industrial and commercial applications.