Aerosol Primers


Choose a Primer to suit your application:

2K Epoxy Primer (Beige)
2K Rapid Filler Primer (Grey)
1K Multi-Connector (Grey or Dark Grey)
1K High-Build Filler – (Grey)
1K Epoxy & Etch DNA (Grey or Black)
1K Epoxy & Etch NF (White, Grey or Black)

Spare Nozzles often purchased with this product

Aerosol Nozzles (4pcs)

DNA Aerosol Can Nozzles (4pcs)

Replacement/Spare nozzles for DNA Aerosol cans.
Saves cleaning clogged or blocked nozzles.

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Aerosol Primer

Introducing DNA® – Custom Paints, where every paint job begins with perfection at its foundation. Experience the magic of our aerosol primer, crafted to ensure that your paint looks vibrant and lasts longer. Before adding that dash of colour to your projects, let’s start with the ideal base.

Paint Spray Primer

Primer plays a pivotal role in painting but often remains the unsung hero. Our paint spray primer is more than just a preparatory layer; it’s a bridge ensuring that your paint spreads beautifully and lasts longer.

Why Use Paint Spray Primer?

Enhanced Adhesion: This creates a bond, ensuring that the paint clings to the surface, improving durability.
Time Saver: Instead of multiple layers of paint to get the perfect shade, a primed surface might require fewer coats.
Cost-Effective: While it seems like an extra expense, using a primer can save you money in the long run, as it often requires less paint.
While many might skip this crucial step to save time, the longevity and vibrancy of your paint job depend heavily on this foundational layer.

2K Epoxy Primer

For those projects where only the best will do, we present our 2K epoxy primer. A high-performance primer tailored for bare metal surfaces, it promises exceptional adhesion for both fillers and topcoats.

Distinctive Features:

Anti-Corrosive: Fortified with anti-corrosive additives, our epoxy primer safeguards the metal, warding off rust and corrosion.
Water-Resistant Barrier: This primer encapsulates the metal in a protective layer, ensuring a longer-lasting paint job even in challenging conditions.
Versatile Compatibility: Our primer plays well with all, whether you use DNA® Custom Paints or other brands.
User-Friendly Design: With an easy activation system using the valve on the base, it’s designed with convenience in mind.
Coverage: Expect to cover around 0.75 to 1.0 m^2 with 2 coats, ensuring your projects deserve the protection.
Adjustable Nozzle: Our adjustable nozzle has you covered whether you need narrow streams or wide coverage.

DNA® Aerosol Can Nozzles

We’ve designed our special DNA Aerosol Can Nozzles (3pcs) to make the application process as smooth as possible. These are not just replacements but essential tools to enhance your painting experience.

Why Choose Our Nozzles?

No More Clogs: Say goodbye to clogged or blocked nozzles that can disrupt your workflow.
Consistent Spray: Ensure a smooth, even layer every time with our expertly designed nozzles.
Ease of Replacement: There is no need for time-consuming cleanups; replace the nozzle and continue your project.

The DNA® Promise


At DNA® – Custom Paints, we don’t just sell paints and primers; we provide solutions. Our range of aerosol primer paint and accessories ensures that your projects reflect excellence from the very first layer to the final touch. Let our products be your trusted companion, whether you’re touching up a cherished possession or embarking on a new DIY adventure.
Ready to Lay the Perfect Foundation? Dive into DNA® Aerosol Primers Today!