Plazma PearlZ


Plazma PearlZ™ (You may know them as Ice Pearls) are a pearl effect powder that can be added to DNA™ BaZecoats or DNA™ Intercoats. Plazma PearlZ™ are a high sparkle interference pearl designed to give a course high impact effect in full sunlight. They are very bright and clean in colour and can be used in two very distinct ways. When mixed in DNA™ BaZecoat™ colours they produce an added element of sparkle in an easy to apply and economical format. When used with DNA™ FX or High Definition Intercoat, they can be applied over the top of DNA™ BaZecoats™ for a very clean and high impact 3 layer pearl effect. With a flexible mixing ratio, they can be added at various concentrations to produce different effects.

Micro PearlZ™ (Powders) to be mixed into HDIC  High-Definition Intercoat or FX Intercoat and then reduced with DNA Basecoat Reducer
Micro PearlZ™ (Pre-Mixed) to be reduced with DNA Basecoat Reducer

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