Micro PearlZ


Micro PearlZ™ are a “traditional” pearl effect powder that can be added to DNA™ BaZecoat™ or DNA™ Intercoats. Micro PearlZ™ are a fine traditional effect pearl designed to give an even, luxury pearl mica effect in full sunlight. They are very fine and subtle in appearance and can be used in two very distinct ways. When mixed in DNA™ BaZecoat™ colours they produce an added element of effects in an easy to apply and economical format. When used with DNA™ FX or High Definition Intercoat, they can be applied over the top of DNA™ BaZecoats™ for a very clean and luxurious 3 layer pearl effect. With a flexible mixing ratio, they can be added at various concentrations to produce different effects.

Micro PearlZ™ (Powders) to be mixed into HDIC  High-Definition Intercoat or FX Intercoat and then reduced with DNA Basecoat Reducer
Micro PearlZ™ (Pre-Mixed) to be reduced with DNA Basecoat Reducer

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