Dry Flake Gun


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Blow  dry FlakeZ™ directly onto a wet clear coat using the new DRY FLAKE GUN! The DRY FLAKE GUN uses low pressure air to blow dry FlakeZ™ onto your job with greater control and accuracy. This gives you much more control over the FlakeZ™ being applied. Using the DRY FLAKE GUN it is possible to apply larger FlakeZ™ or even Shard FlakeZ™ with ease and without clogging an expensive spray gun that was built to spray liquids and not Metal Flake!

The DRY FLAKE GUN reduces flake build up compared to the traditional wet method of flake application where flakes can stack on top of each other causing huge build ups. Then the flakes miss other areas altogether leaving big valleys. The fix for this is lots of clear coats to bury the FlakeZ™ and fill the valleys, this is then followed by lots of sanding  and polishing to get the job smooth again.

Using the DRY FLAKE GUN reduces flake build up as the dry flakes will only stick to the sticky clear coat, any excess FlakeZ™ fall straight off! If you want more coverage or want to go over it with another flake color simply apply another coat of clear and hit it again with the DRY FLAKE GUN. The DRY FLAKE GUN process reduces the amount of FlakeZ and clear coat you use as well as saving lots of time!

The DRY FLAKE GUN can also be used to apply Night MoveZ™ Glow-In-The-Dark powders with ease!

When you’re done simply unscrew the FLAKE JAR from the gun and pour the unused FlakeZ™ back into your original jar. Then clean the DRY FLAKE GUN by blowing it off with compressed air. It’s that simple!

Affordable and Professional
Apply almost any size flake
Waste less FlakeZ™
Reduces build & clear coats
Saves Time
Improves finish
Easy to Use
Easy to Clean
Integrated Air Regulator