Paint Filter / Strainers


Disposable paper cone with a fine nylon mesh insert.
Our disposable filters are available in the following grades of mesh, 280µm, *190µm & 125µm for finer filtration. If you are painting with candies be sure to ALWAYS use our re-usable 60µm Micro Filter.

*190µm is the most commonly used filter size for most DNA paints.

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Always pour your paints through a strainer to filter out debris such as dried flakes, undissolved pigment, foreign bodies and dust particles as these can clog or damage your spray gun and also create imperfections, spots and other problems in your final paint finish.
Filtering your paint will help you to achieve great results and reduce the possibility of problems. Using a paint strainer is a must when working with automotive paints.

All paints and clear coats should be strained unless your TDS advises you not to.
Check your TDS to know most the appropriate mesh size strainer to use.