Scratch Finish – Normfest Polish

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(Step 2) High-gloss, anti-hologram polish

  • Hologram swirls
  • light scratches
  • minor scuffs
  • high gloss

Recommended pad types:
Natural lambskin
Polishing sponge hard
Polishing sponge medium-hard

500ml Bottle

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SCRATCH FINISH is a high-gloss, anti-hologram polish that polishes light sanding marks, minor unevenness and slight signs of wear on lacquered surfaces to an extremely high gloss without holograms. The paste is suitable for a variety of paints such as water-based, HS, MS, infrared, two-component, cellulose, synthetic, acrylic and industrial paints, including scratch-resistant clearcoats. The ultra-fine abrasive particles made of high-quality micro-precision oxides generate a maximum physical gloss level with low heat generation and the extended processing time prevents pad dry-out.

Polish for the 2nd step of our 2-step polishing system

  • high gloss
  • ultra fine abrasive with DRA technology
  • silicone and wax free
  • suitable for all automotive paint systems including cellulose, 1K


Shake the container before use. Apply SCRATCH FINISH to the surface to be processed and distribute evenly with the help of the polishing pad. Polish the surface with the machine and reduce the pressure as soon as the surface clears. Continue to go over the surface without pressure and finally remove any residues with a microfiber cloth.

Please note! When removing holograms, it is important that the polishing pads are clean. Dust and residues of
grinding paste must be washed off during the polishing process.
Rotary machines: 1,000 – 2,000 rpm
Eccentric machines: 2,000 – 8,000 rpm

The removal of scratches and gloss are influenced by the use of different polishing discs.
Please note our recommendations.
We recommend using an eccentric machine!
NOTE! For a perfect result, we recommend finishing off with Speed Gloss Nano rapid sealant as the final step in gloss protection anf longevity.

ATTENTION! Protect from frost and store at room temperature!
With this note we want to advise you based on our tests and experience to the best of our knowledge. However, we cannot accept any  liability for the processing result in individual cases due to the large number of applications and the storage and processing conditions beyond our control. We always recommend doing your own tests.

Areas of application
Perfect for preparing and sealing new or renewed paintwork on cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, boats, caravans, aircraft, etc … for showrooms, trade fairs, paint shops etc …

Technical specifications
Contents: 1 liter
Basis: a mixture of waxes, free of volatile silicones, emulsifiers, organic solvents, perfume, paint and water
Appearance: opaque emulsion
PH-level neutral
Color: beige, cream
Scent: fresh
Flash point: 46 ° C
Stability: protect from frost
Shelf life: at least 12 months in unopened containers
Store at room temperature