Scratch Cut – Normfest Polish

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(Step 1) High-Performance abrasive cutting compound.

  • Deep, heavy scratches
  • Many scratches
  • Medium scratches

Recommended pad types:
Natural lambskin
Polishing sponge hard
Polishing sponge medium-hard

500ml Bottle

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SCRATCH CUT is a high-performance grinding paste for removing scratches of different depths and heavy oxidations in the clear coat of paint and gelcoat. The grinding paste is suitable for a variety of paints such as water-based, HS, MS, infrared, two-component, cellulose, synthetic, acrylic and manufacturer paints, including scratch-resistant clear coats. The micro-precision abrasive particles made of high-quality aluminum oxide generate a high removal rate with a maximum physical gloss level with low heat generation and the extended
processing time prevents drying.

Polishing paste for the 1st step of our 2-step polishing system

  • extremely quick and perfect for desired polishing tasks
  • extremely high scratch removal rate with DRA technology
  • medium-high gloss level
  • silicone and ammonia free
  • free from gloss enhancers, (gloss enhancers create a false short lasting gloss)
  • long processing time, (doesn’t dry out too quickly)
  • is suitable for all automotive paint applications and more

Shake the container before use. Apply a small amount to the surface to be processed and use the polishing pad to distribute it evenly. Work the surface to be treated with medium pressure until the scratches and unevenness have been removed. Reduce the pressure as soon as the surface reaches the desired state. We recommend polishing in a clean covered area out of direct sunlight. Remove any polishing residue with a soft, clean cloth.
Rotary machines: 1,000 – 1,800 rpm
Eccentric machines: 1,700 – 2,200 rpm
The removal of scratches and gloss are influenced by the use of different polishing discs. Please note our recommendations.
We recommend using an eccentric machine!
NOTE! For a perfect result, we recommend using Scratch Finish our high-gloss anti-hologram polish as the second step.
ATTENTION! Protect from frost and store at room temperature!
With this note we want to advise you based on our tests and experience to the best of our knowledge. However, we cannot accept any  liability for the processing result in individual cases due to the large number of applications and the storage and processing conditions beyond our control. We always recommend doing your own tests.