Sample Pack 4x 60ml


1x 60ml – Car Wash Shampoo
A super concentrated and designed to gently lift away dirt, grime and surface contaminants. PH-balanced and 100% biodegradable, our Car Wash Shampoo will not harm your skin or the environment. Helps reduce surface marring by providing ultra-slick lubrication.

1x 60ml Pro Cut Polish
Pro Cut is the versatile solution for professionals and at-home enthusiasts. Designed to be used as a polish during the 2nd step of our 3-step process, it can also be used as a medium cut, 1st step compound depending on the demands of the job. Pro Cut will remove minor imperfections and scratches as well as provide a true high-gloss finish. Does not contain any waxes, silicone or fillers. Safe for use with rotary and/or DA polishers. Production Cut is safe for all automotive finishes, gel coats and marine coatings. Body shop safe, will not adhere to surface or discolor trim.

1x 60ml Perfect Cut Polish
This is where it all started. Perfect Cut is our original formulation designed to achieve a swirl-free finish. No waxes, silicone or fillers means what you see is what you get. Perfect Cut will remove light pad and swirl marks as well as leave a true, high-gloss finish. Don’t be fooled, Perfect Cut is not a glaze. It eliminates the need for a glaze! Will not adhere to surface or discolor trim.

1x 60ml Replenish Wax
System 51’s Replenish Wax is an advanced, waterborne, spray wax that is engineered to clean and shine nearly any surface. University tested and proven to help repel dust, shine longer and bring to life almost any material.

Body shop safe, this spray wax works great as a final inspection spray. Capable of cleaning & protecting glass, plastic, rubber, chrome, paint, finished wood and stainless steel. Helps remove over-spray as well as remove stains from carpet. By not sealing the surface our carnauba wax formulation allows for proper curing of paint according to manufacturers’ specifications. This means it can be applied to freshly painted surfaces without any ill-effect.

Great for cleaning and polishing stainless steel surfaces, gloss or satin  kitchen cupboards, fridges, glass surfaces, tiles, splashbacks and more… for best results use with clean microfibre polish cloth #046-2

The advanced waterborne polymers allow Replenishing Wax to clean nearly every surface without staining or leaving white residue, yet still leaving 30 – 45 days of protection.

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System 51’s Sampler Pack:
1x 60ml Wash Shampoo
1x 60ml Pro Cut Polish
1x 60ml Perfect Cut Polish
1x 60ml Replenish Wax