Solids & Special Effects – Colour Book Page


2 Sided page of printed colour chips on high gsm board paper with 3x ring binder holes.

Front Side printed chips as follows:
Profile BaZecoat – Solid Colours: Club Red, Hellfire Red, Rod Red, Attitude Orange, Desert Beige, Canopy Green, Pink Pill, Nuclear Yellow, Toxic Green, Gang Green, Ozone Blue, Tropos Blue, Stratos Blue, Purple Pimp, Stealth Black, Pure White, Pure Black and Yarra Brown
Mutant CrystalZ White with Blue Contrast, White with Black Contrast, Red with Black Contrast & Green with Black Contrast

Rear Side printed chips as follows: Chromes, Hologrphic, Flats
Virtual Chrome,  Black Chrome, HolaChrome, Ice Chrome
HolaGrafiX and HolaSpeX over various base coat colors
Flat Black, Flat Clear over Red, Flat CLear over Yellow, Flat Clear over Blue

Note* It is not possible to have every colour availble in this publication. If there is a specific colour reference you wanted, please check to see if it is in this publication before purchasing. This is especially true for newer colours that were released after this was produced.


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