FX Intercoat (FXI)

From: $162.28

FX Intercoat is specially formulated for the application of Candy ColorZ™, VariationZ™, Micro PearlZ™ and PlaZma PearlZ™. This easy to use product provides pure clarity which is so important for depth of colour. FX Intercoat™ is also formulated to reduce mottle when used with Candy ColorZ™ and Candy Reducer™

Note: For the mixing of Flakes or Night MoveZ powders use DNA™ High Definition Intercoat

FX Intercoat with  Candy ColorZ™ (use Candy Reducer)
1: Part (100g) FX Intercoat
Up to 10% (10g) Candy ColorZ – Concentrate
Then mix by volume 1:1 with DNA™ Candy Reducer


FX Intercoat with Special Effect Powders (use Basecoat Reducer)
Mix Ratio: 60:40
60% FX Intercoat  (1.5 Part)
40% Basecoat Reducer (1 Part)