Custom Clear – 1.25lt Kit


*Custom Clear


FX Hardener

DNA™ FX Hardener, used with Diamond Clear™ or Custom Clear™  (2K clear coat)
Speeds available: Fast, Medium & Slow

Used in colder conditions to speed up Flash-Off times.

Used under most conditions.

Used to slow down flash-off times and increase levelling times also used in hot conditions or for larger jobs.

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DNA™ Custom Clear™ is a unique 2K clearcoat designed for the varied demands and processes used in custom painting today.

Custom Clear™ is a low viscosity (13 seconds) high performance clear, ideal for FLOW COATING, SEALING and LAYERING of candies, flakes and general clear coating. Custom Clear™ is designed to give a perfect flat finish with maximum gloss and drying performance. Glass like finishes off the gun are made much easier with this high performance clear coat!

Custom Clear™ Kits can be ordered with your DNA™ FX Hardener™ speed of choice. Slow, Medium & Fast are available to suit almost any application requirement.

Want a Urethane Candy?
Custom Clear™ can also be used with DNA™ candy concentrates to create an easy to use 2K urethane candy finishes that can be applied over a suitable DNA™ basecoat.

Custom Clear™ has a mixing ratio of 4:1 with FX Hardener, no reducer required & is normally applied in 2 to 3 coats.

Available in 1.25lt & 5lt kits