Aerosol Clear Coats


Explore a variety of top-tier OEM or superior clear coats in aerosol form, suitable for everything from vehicle repair to any cool or custom project. Whether you’re working on Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Helmets, Skateboards, artwork, or sculptures, DNA Custom Paints has the high-quality clear coat you need to provide the perfect finish to your creations.

For a durable, chemical-resistant, scuff-resistant, and UV-resistant finish, choose from our high-quality 2K options:

  • 2K Custom Clear: Delivers a high gloss shine and finish.
  • 2K Satin Clear: Offers a silky smooth satin clear finish.
  • 2K Flat Clear: Provides a matte or flat finish.

For a 1K finish that enhances shine and provides a protective barrier, our 1K clears are ideal for artworks, or adding protective layers while airbrushing. These finishes are suitable for sculptures and indoor items not exposed to heavy wear, UV, or harsh chemicals. Select from:

  • 1K Top Coat Hi-Gloss Clear
  • 1K Semi-Gloss Clear
  • FX Intercoat – Intercoat binder sealant and protector
  • Blender Coat – Transition blending of clearcoats

Spare Nozzles often purchased with this product

Aerosol Nozzles (4pcs)

DNA Aerosol Can Nozzles (4pcs)

Replacement/Spare nozzles for DNA Aerosol cans.
Saves cleaning clogged or blocked nozzles.


2K High-Gloss Clear (Normfest™ Klarlack) is a “Activate-when-Required” clear that produces a High-Gloss OEM quality finish which is perfect for cars, motorcycles, bikes, helmets, headlight restorations, sculptures, boats and more… Basically for anything that needs a tough High-Gloss Clear Coat! *Note: 2K Clear is a one-time use product, once activated all clear in the can should be used within 48 hours. You will not be able to spray more clear from the can after 48~72 hours after initial activation. This is a true 2K clear coat with a limited “Pot Life” after activation.

1K Clear is recommended for DIY and other finishes where you wish to seal your job and give your finished project a protective finish. Available in Normfest™ High-Gloss, DNA™ Semi-Gloss and DNA™ Top Coat Clear. Not recommended for fuel tanks and other high wear outdoor conditions.

Choose your preferred clear coat from the option box below. These clears are compatible with all DNA™ Custom Paints and Trident™ Water-based Airbrush Paints.

Aerosol Clear Coats

Welcome to DNA® – Custom Paints. Discover the secret to seamless finishes with our range of aerosol clear coats. Not only do these protective layers enhance the beauty of your paint jobs, but they also shield them from external wear and tear. With our clear coats, ensure that every artwork, vehicle, or DIY project you undertake stands out with unmatched brilliance.

Clear Coat Spray Can

A common issue many face with aerosol products is the clogging or blocking of nozzles, leading to uneven sprays or even wastage. With our clear coat spray can, we aim to counteract this issue:

  • DNA Aerosol Can Nozzles (3pcs):These are our specially crafted replacement or spare nozzles designed for DNA Aerosol cans.
  • Why Get Spare Nozzles?
    • Ensures continuous, smooth spray.
    • It helps avoid the hassle of cleaning clogged nozzles.
    • An affordable solution to keep your projects going without interruptions.
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2K Clear Coat

Look at our 2K clear coat if you want an elite finish. It’s the ultimate choice for those who demand the best:

2K High-Gloss Clear (Normfest™ Klarlack) Description:

  • Activate-When-Required:This unique feature means it’s fresh whenever you use it.
  • Universal Application:From cars, motorcycles, bikes, and helmets to sculptures, boats, and even headlight restorations, it’s the perfect choice.
  • High Durability:With a high-gloss OEM quality finish, expect resilience and brilliance. Do note that the clear coat should be used within 48 hours once activated. This is a genuine 2K clear coat spray can with a limited “Pot Life” post-activation.

1K Clear Coat

For DIY enthusiasts and projects that require a protective finish, our 1K clear coat is the go-to choice:

  • Versatile Options:Choose between Normfest™ High-Gloss, DNA™ Semi-Gloss, or DNA™ Top Coat Clear based on your project needs.
  • Compatibility:All our clears are harmonious with DNA™ Custom Paints and Trident™ Water-based Airbrush Paints.
  • Easy Application:This is especially recommended for DIY projects and surfaces that need a protective layer. However, this might not be the best choice for areas like fuel tanks or high-wear outdoor conditions.

Why Aerosol Clear Coats?

  • Flawless Finishes:A smooth application ensures a mirror-like shine.
  • Ease of Use:Aerosol cans offer a consistent spray, making it effortless even for beginners.
  • Protection:Shield your projects from UV rays, scratches, and environmental factors.

Choose Your Perfect Finish

DNA® – Custom Paints ensures that your projects reflect your passion. With our range of aerosol clear coats, find the ideal match for your needs. Whether it’s the resilience of the 2K clear coat or the simplicity of the 1K clear coat, we’ve got you covered. Select your preferred clear coat, and let your creations shine!

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