Aerosol Clear Coats



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2K Clear (Klarlack) is a “Activate-when-Required” clear that produces a High-Gloss OEM quality finish which is perfect for cars, motorcycles, bikes, helmets, headlight restorations, sculptures, boats and more… Basically for anything that needs a tough High-Gloss Clear Coat! *Note: 2K Clear is a one-time use product, once activated all clear in the can should be used within 48 hours. You will not be able to spray more clear from the can after 48~72 hours after initial activation. This is a true 2K clear coat with a limited “Pot Life” after activation.

1K Clear is recommended for DIY and other finishes where you wish to seal your job and give your finished project a gloss finish.

Choose either 2K Clear Coat or 1K Clear Coat from the options box. Both clears are compatible with all DNA™ Custom Paints and Trident™ Waterbased Airbrush Paints.