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Spare Nozzles often purchased with this product

Aerosol Nozzles (3pcs)

DNA Aerosol Can Nozzles (3pcs)

Replacement/Spare nozzles for DNA Aerosol cans.
Saves cleaning clogged or blocked nozzles

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2K High-Gloss Clear (Normfest™ Klarlack) is a “Activate-when-Required” clear that produces a High-Gloss OEM quality finish which is perfect for cars, motorcycles, bikes, helmets, headlight restorations, sculptures, boats and more… Basically for anything that needs a tough High-Gloss Clear Coat! *Note: 2K Clear is a one-time use product, once activated all clear in the can should be used within 48 hours. You will not be able to spray more clear from the can after 48~72 hours after initial activation. This is a true 2K clear coat with a limited “Pot Life” after activation.

1K Clear is recommended for DIY and other finishes where you wish to seal your job and give your finished project a protective finish. Available in Normfest™ High-Gloss, DNA™ Semi-Gloss and DNA™ Top Coat Clear. Not recommended for fuel tanks and other high wear outdoor conditions.

Choose your preferred clear coat from the option box below. These clears are compatible with all DNA™ Custom Paints and Trident™ Water-based Airbrush Paints.

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