Candy Basecoats – Aerosol

From: $46.73

Visual depth and appeal of traditional candy, but using standard application methods like that of a of a traditional metallic basecoat!

Introducing the colourful world of candy basecoats with DNA® – Custom Paints. When you’re looking for the timeless attraction of classic candy finishes mixed with modern innovation, look no further. Designed carefully to create the perfect balance between the old and new, our candy basecoats are a dream for both amateurs and professionals. Whether reviving an old classic or starting a fresh project, rely on the DNA® touch to make it truly shine.

Finally, you can choose your 1K or 2K Aerosol Clear to give your work that final high gloss finish and protection.
If required, please don’t forget to go back and grab any aerosol primers that you need before starting your job. A great result relies on preparation and a great foundation.


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