Rainbow Mojo


Rainbow Mojo Hologram FX Paint

DNA® Rainbow Mojo, can be applied over over any *colour of your choice to achieve a stunning holographic rainbow paint effect that is absolutely BLING-TACULAR (BLING+SPECTACULAR) when sunlight or bright light hits it. The darker the ground coat the more stunning and dramatic the effect is.

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*Note, although this product can be applied over any colour. Due to the nature of this being a transparent paint with holographic effect. If painting over black or darker colours, it can be difficult to apply Rainbow Mojo without getting a mottle effect/appearance this is especially true on larger objects or flat areas like bonnets, car roofs and large panels. When painting black or dark objects we recommend painting smaller objects like motorcycles, bikes, skateboards and other small objects where mottle is easier to control. Difficulty in controlling mottle increases with size of object and how dark the ground coat colour is. Mottle is not covered by warranty.