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Marbilizer (LunarAluzionZ™) is an exciting custom pearlescent paint that allows you to control the finish texture and effect. As the painter or artist you can create different effects using plastic wrap, bubble wrap, sponges, brushes and much more, you are limited only by your creativity. Colors can be mixed together or applied over one another to create different effects. Unlike other marbilizers, many colors in the Marbilizer range give great contrast and color effect when applied over white or lighter colored basecoats. For a personalized custom color try creating your own color by adding Candy ColorZ™, Micro PearlZ,™ PlaZma PearlZ™, VariationZ™ or FlakeZ™ to our tintable neutral/transparent Marbilizer. (Neutral Part # LA01)

Marbilizer is Ready-for-Use with no reducer needed, simply stir and apply.