HeliX Pearl Basecoats – Aerosol


The inspiring HeliX BaZecoatZ™ range from DNA™ Custom Paints. 17 custom colours with a massive depth of colour and a shimmering iridescence that leaves other base coats looking lifeless, dull and boring!

By introducing a combination of advanced blending technologies and a mix of cutting edge “high sparkle” iridescent crystal and pearl pigments, colour intensity and depth has been maximised like never before.

Follow this link for professional sizes of 500ml, 1lt & 4lt

Spare Nozzles often purchased with this product

Aerosol Nozzles (4pcs)

DNA Aerosol Can Nozzles (4pcs)

Replacement/Spare nozzles for DNA Aerosol cans.
Saves cleaning clogged or blocked nozzles.

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