TRIDENT T-Shirt Booster


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TRIDENT T-Shirt Booster minimises color fade and wash out. T-Shirt Booster is applied directly over artwork on textiles and is then heat set with an iron or heat press to set and lock the paint and colors in place.

TDS – Technical Data Sheet

TRIDENT is a revolutionary water based airbrush paint that provides premium performance and results. It was designed with the highest expectations, and is a joy to paint with. With current standards of other water based paints being unacceptable, TRIDENT water based airbrush paint was designed to paint as well as any top performing urethane; and it does!

In saying that, it doesn’t just flow like a urethane, it paints like a urethane. It is a water based paint that actually atomizes!

Another fantastic feature is its multi-surface application. It is suitable for most substrates including hard surfaces such as metal and sealed timber, medium surfaces like paper and board through to fabric and textiles. TRIDENT is made by artists for artists.