Candy ColorZ Kit

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The perfect starter kit for doing crazy candy artwork. Everything you need to get into some candy shading, fading, panelling or flaming. Professional quality kit, at a KILLER PRICE!

Candy Kit Contents:
1x PC04-250 250ml Candy Pre-Mix Reef Blue
1x PC08-250 250ml Candy Pre-Mix Orange
1x PC11-250 250ml Candy Pre-Mix Apple Red
1x PC14-250 250ml Candy Pre-Mix Sunrise Yellow
1x PC23-250 250ml Candy Pre-Mix Dragonfly Green
1x PC25-250 250ml Candy Pre-Mix Black Abyss
1x RCM-500 500ml Candy Reducer
3x CUP-02 DNA™ Mixing Cup
1x FIL-01 Candy Filter
0x MS-01 DNA™ Mixing Stick (Temp. out of stock) $10 Discount applied.
1x TS01 T-Shirt DNA™
1x 26343 3M 233+ 3mm Fineline Tape

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