Now in its 10th publishing year Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine covers all aspects of Kustom Art and Lifestyle, incorporating everything from Rockabilly to Steampunk & Tiki. PKG started life in 2006 as a modest single sheet newsletter to the growing UK Kustom Paint enthusiasts and is one of only a handful of magazines in the world to cover this specialist target market. PKG is published on a bi-monthly basis (6 times per year). Inside PKG you will find artist, airbrush & pinstriping features, hints & tips, step by steps and art supplies. We bring you Kustom and Lowbrow art, bodypainting & tattoo, lifestyle items and events, plus lots more to feed your Kustom Kulture addiction.



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August/September 2020 Issue #81

Our latest issue is rammed full with some of the most inspiring, quirky, kool kustom work you’ll see around! Come with us on a journey through Dave ‘Dakam’ Britton’s sci-fi pop culture pinstripe art, Alaix Ducoty’s dazzling metal flake, Georg Huber’s vivid, sun-soaked retro Americana scenes, and Tong Rising’s photorealistic movie character gallery!

The inspiration doesn’t stop there, you can also explore Bob Falconer’s steampunk fairytales, Younes Bouchlouch’s incredible airbrushing and a brilliant tiger step-by-step from Jamie Gladman! This comes along with all our fantastic regular features including Steve Chaszeyka’s step-by-step guide, Airicons handy hints, and plenty more.

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June/July 2020 Issue #80

This fab new issue celebrates the wonderful work of kustom artists in Thailand! It takes a colourful ride through the cool, creative and crazy work these talented artists are doing, featuring maestros such as Sip Art Juti, Pele Debosco and Magoo Felix – and MANY, MANY more!

We’ve also got some gorgeous content from elsewhere in the world, including Tyler K. Smith’s intricate and outlandish pieces, and Shizo AKA Florian Klink’s skilful and beautiful pinstriping.  This comes along with all our fantastic regular features including Steve Chaszeyka’s step-by-step, Airicons handy hints, and plenty more.

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April/May 2020 Issue #79

This gorgeous issue captures the true eclectic spirit of kustom and lowbrow kulture, featuring beauties such as Day of the Dead art, kustom game controllers, stunning guitar art, abalone shell work and tonnes more. Artists include the mega-talented: Shaun Hubbard, a tattoist with a unique eye for design, Brian Wilder, a pinstriper with a fab classic style, and Kris Dean, a photorealistic custom painter.

This comes along with all our fantastic regular features including Steve Chaszeyka’s step-by-step, Airicons handy hints on time-management, and much, much more!

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February/March 2020 Issue #78

Celebrate with us our 13th Anniversary edition.  In celebrating all things kustom, our theme this issue is Guitar art from some of the words best, including the awesome Mike Learn, Freddy Villa,  Pekka Mannermaa, Von M, Svee Wheeler and Ali Kat himself Dave Gartland.

Plus so much more, it is certainly a great way to launch into 2020 with amazing things to inspire your kustom and lowbrow addictions…

December 2019/ January 2020 Issue #77

So the nights are drawing in here in the UK so nothing better than to stretch out in front of the fire with your favourite read and boy oh boy do we have some brilliant artists in this issue as well as the how-to’s from Steve Chaszeyka, Liz Northrup and Quinn Chipman. Once again Trident regale us with reviews from their independent testers, and it’s great to have Svee writing with us again, this time he expounds on the Iwata Kit. Vince Cabral’s ‘Sharpie art’ is quite striking with all of his lowbrow art and sign painting on axes.

 We’ve got a great pinstriping section with Amauri Shadow, Willy White Pinstriping and Brandon Shirley with distinctive styles. The Arch Villain’s lowbrow monsters are wonderfully ghoulish for this season too. For airbrushing, we have the amazing Maxime Xavier and Andy Saunders stunning Ford Pop, and Jason Livery’s goalie masks are superb. You will be blown away by the one day portraits of Nick Dampier. Not forgetting the ‘dark art’ of Ariel Castellaro, finishing off with the surreal works of Rusty Sherrill.

 We also have a Kool Yule Xmas Gift Guide to find those elusive pressies for your Kustom Art and Lifestyle enthusiast!

October/November 2019 Issue #76
Metal Flake and Gold Leaf are gaining in popularity worldwide. In this edition you will find masters of the art with inspiring uses and designs. These include Paul ‘Flakey’ Thompson and Jinx with their amazing wall plaques, the master himself Sal Manzano and Jonothan Mercado with their spectacular lowrider styles, and not forgetting Steve Chaszeyka use of Gold Leaf in Pinstriping, and of course much much more…

August/September 2019 Issue #75
This issue we go eyeball to eyeball with the Kustom Kulture art work of Liz Northrup and check out some Moldy Creations sculptures that will have your teeth chattering! Prepare to be amazed by the photographic genius of Neil Grocholski and revel in the first part of our Gerald Mendez how to… whatever your taste there is plenty to keep you occupied!

Issue #74, June/July 2019 is a Helmet art special, which showcases the work of artists all over the globe. Our cover artist, Centaur Custom Paint, comes from Thailand and teaches us about the love Thai people have for kustom kulture. We also have great ‘How-To’ sections from our resident legend, Steve Chaszeyka and an extra special feature from Createx Colours.

Issue #73, April/May 2019 showcases the work of our cover artist Nick Lee from Counts Kustoms. We also have great ‘How-To’ articles from Gerald Mendez, and John Silverfox Hayes. Seth Jensen also shows us his Sharpie side. We have returning featured artist Alex Hamilton showing off his latest artwork and revealing the tools he uses to create his Pinstriping masterpieces. We have all this and so much more – don’t miss out on your copy today.

Issue #72, February/March 2019 This 12th Anniversary edition is packed full of inspirational art and artists, how to from Steve Chaszeyka for aspiring pinstripers, with a multi media Fridge project from Matt Beckner with airbrushing and pinstriping, plus the first part of the phenomenal Gerald Mendez Radiant Art. We take a look at the auto art of John Rowley, Andy Saunders’ latest kustom vehicle, and investigate some rotten apples! All this and so much more

Issue #71, December 2018 /January 2019 is a superb celebration of female artists from around the world.