Mutant CrystalZ™

Mutant CrystalZ™ is a self-activated liquid crystallizing mask that works over any base coat, sanded clear coat, primer or any other prepped paint surface. With Mutant CrystalZ™ you can use any contrasting colours you choose.

Mutant CrystalZ™ is a specialty liquid mask solution that crystallizes as it dries to form a temporary stencil/mask which is used to create intricate crystal patterns over your chosen ground coat colour. Mutant CrystalZ™ can be used on anything that can be painted.

Available in 500ml and 1 litre bottles.
1 litre bottle is normally enough Mutant CrystalZ™ to spray out a number of samples plus an entire car!

Application Guide

Step 1
Correctly prepare and clean the item to be painted.

Scuff surface if applying Mutant CrystalZ™ directly over a clear coat.

Step 2
Apply chosen BaZecoat™ ground colour and allow to dry until it can be handled.

Step 3
Using a soft lint free cloth, apply a liberal amount of Mutant CrystalZ™ to the ground coat taking care not to miss any areas or to apply too much that may pool in areas.

Step 4
Allow to dry slowly so crystals have time to grow as big as possible. Avoid excessive airflow or heat if possible (turn off booth airflow or avoid applying during the hottest part of the day)     Once crystal solution is fully dried and crystals have formed, it is now ready to apply the contrast colour over the crystal stencil/mask.

Step 5
Apply very thin basecoat in light mist coats over the crystal stencil until a thin even coating or colour is achieved. Wet or heavy coats will trap the Crystals underneath and lead to messy poorly defined crystal patterns or total failure. *For this step basecoat may be reduced up to an additional 20%

Step 6
Once contrast colour is applied and dry to handle, the crystal solution can now be removed, leaving behind the crystal pattern contrast colour.
*Note the contrast coat is not applied too heavily and we can still see the ground coat colour coming through our contrast colour.

Step 7
Remove crystals using warm water and a lint free cloth or fine Scotchbrite pad. Using little to no pressure, carefully rub the surface until the crystal solution is completely removed. Use special care to remove all crystals as some can be quite small and hard to see. Do not rub too hard as you may start removing the contrast coat.

Step 8
Once all the crystal solution is removed, carefully dry the item and blow off with compressed air ready for clear coat application.

Apply DNA™ Diamond Clear™ or Flat Clear as per relevant TDS.

Special Instructions
As drying speed affects the way the crystals form, your working environment will have a big influence on the finished pattern of the Mutant CrystalZ™. Heat, humidity, airflow, application methods and amounts will all affect final result.
If using a cured 2k finish as the ground coat, it must be fine sanded and cleaned with DNA™ Isopropyl Cleaner.
Mutant CrystalZ™ is sold ready for use.
Darker contrast colours over lighter ground coats will generally produce a more impacting result with cleaner more well defined crystal patterns.