ION MAX™ Air Ionisation for Pristine and Efficient Paint Surfaces
The ION MAX™ stands out as a revolutionary tool that prioritises air ionisation throughout the painting process. Its primary focus is on effectively ionising the air to eliminate static and dust from parts and substrates, ensuring a static-free job environment. What sets the ION MAX™ apart is its continuous air ionisation capabilities, maintaining a clean working environment both during the pre-painting preparation and the actual painting process.




Pre-Painting Preparation: Static and Dust Removal
Before the paint application begins, the ION MAX™ takes centre stage by blowing ionised air over the parts and substrates. This meticulous process removes dust and neutralises static electricity, especially crucial when dealing with surfaces prone to static charges, such as plastic.

Continuous Ionisation During Painting: A Static-Free Job
The ION MAX™ doesn't stop working once the painting process starts. While actively applying paint, the device continues to ionise the air, ensuring a static-free job environment. This dual-functionality, both in blowing off substrates and maintaining ionisation during painting, sets the ION MAX™ apart as a comprehensive solution.


Efficient Paint Transfer: Ionised Air's Impact
The heart of the ION MAX™ lies in its ability to ionise the air supply, facilitating an efficient transfer of paint onto surfaces. This not only minimises paint wastage but also contributes to achieving a consistently even coverage. Users can experience up to 30% less paint consumption, making it a cost-effective solution.

Precision Finish: Ionised Air Alignment and Reduced Mottling
The ION MAX™ excels in aligning paint particles precisely on the surface, especially with metallics and pearls. This alignment, powered by ionised air, often reduces the number of coats required for optimal coverage, showcasing the device's commitment to precision. Additionally, the ION MAX™ significantly reduces paint mottling, ensuring a smoother and more uniform finish.

Overall Benefits: Maintaining Cleanliness, Efficiency, and Cost Savings
By integrating air ionisation into every stage of the painting process, the ION MAX™ not only ensures a static-free and dust-free job environment but also enhances overall efficiency. Whether blowing off substrates or actively painting, the device remains dedicated to maintaining cleanliness, reducing paint mottling, and enabling significant cost savings through decreased paint consumption, making it a standout investment for those seeking optimal paint application results.


After using the ION MAX™, you'll marvel at how you ever painted without it. The ION MAX™ eliminates dust and static charges in the air, paint, and on the painting surface.

This achievement is made possible by the ION MAX™ removing static electrical charges from the air through ionization in its ionization chamber.

The "ionized air" takes it a step further by neutralizing static charges from your paint as it's atomized by your spray gun.

This ionized air is unparalleled in reducing static charges from any surface you intend to paint. To prepare the surface, simply direct the "ionized air" onto it before painting. This not only removes static charges but also clears away clinging dust particles. Moreover, the ionized surface continues to repel dust particles, preventing them from resettling.

The result is greater efficiency in paint delivery. With static removed from the painting equation, you'll immediately notice the difference. Your paint particles will align perfectly on the surface, reducing the usual 3-4 coats to just 2-3.