FX Intercoat (FXI)

FX Intercoat is specially formulated low build clear carrier used for the application of Candy ColorZ™, VariationZ™, Micro PearlZ™ and PlaZma PearlZ™. This easy to use product provides pure clarity which is so important for depth of colour. FX Intercoat™ is also formulated to reduce mottle when used with Candy ColorZ™ and Candy Reducer™

Note: For the mixing of Flakes or Night MoveZ powders use DNA™ High Definition Intercoat (See below)

FX Intercoat with Candy ColorZ™ (use Candy Reducer)
1: Part (100g) FX Intercoat
Up to 10% (10g) Candy ColorZ – Concentrate
Then mix by volume 1:1 with DNA™ Candy Reducer


FX Intercoat with Special Effect Powders (use Basecoat Reducer)
Mix Ratio: 60:40
60% FX Intercoat (1.5 Part)
40% Basecoat Reducer (1 Part)

High Definition Intercoat – (HDIC)

High Definition Inter Coat™ is designed to be used as a carrier for DNA FlakeZ™, Night MoveZ™ and other special effect powders. The characteristics of the HDIC may vary depending on the product being added to the HDIC. Variable to be considerate of are, number of coats applied, type of reducer used, type of spray gun and settings used, application method , drying times etc.
Due to many variables, it is important to experiment and after appropriate testing, to apply the correct steps for each individual project.

Note: For the mixing of Candy Concentrates use DNA™ FX Intercoat™ (FXI) (See above)

Mixing Guide:
Add Flakes or Powder of choice to HDIC (up to 10% by weight)
Reduce as required with DNA™ Basecoat Reducer (1.5 : 1)