How to Blend Candy Basecoat – Candy Wine

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Custom Paint Tutorial

Blending Candy Basecoat colours such as Candy Wine is a relatively simple process. Watch the video below to see Mark from DNA Custom Paints outline the step-by-step process, including the preparation and what to watch out for. Stay until the end to see how good it looks in the sun!

Candy Wine is like Brandywine…but sweeter!

Candy Wine is not the only red colour in the Candy Basecoat range – be sure to check out Blood Red, Spilt Blood and Cherry Black! More videos on custom painting are on their way – be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

This video is for demonstration purposes. Please refer to Tech Data Sheets.

DNA Products Used

HS Primer Surfacer

Profile BaZecoatZ™ – Pure Black II

Candy Basecoat – Candy Wine

Diamond Clear

Preparation on the Panel

  • Using 800 grit on a orbital sander with interface pad and grey Scotch-Brite
  • Finish sanding your primed repair with 400 grit – with the rest of the panel sanded in 800 grit.

Steps to Blend Candy Basecoat – Candy Wine

  • Apply a dust coat over the repair with DNA Profile BaZecoat Black II.
  • Then, apply a medium second coat, keeping it small in size. Face the gun towards centre to keep area small while covering the repair.
  • Control coat on third.
  • Cover the area sprayed with the Candy Basecoat. Start to blend on the second and third coat.
  • Apply drop coat after three coats of colour.
  • Before applying clear, ensure the colour is even and covered using a sun lamp with the booth lights turned off.
  • Use clear coat as normal, applying two wet coats.
  • Marvel at the results!

Be sure to refer to the Tech Data Sheet before undertaking any job with DNA Custom Paints products.