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HolaSpeX™ an almost transparent coating saturated with light refracting holographic crystals. In direct sunlight or under strong light these immediately refract an immensely strong holographic rainbow effect. HolaSpeX™ is "in your face" Similar effect to HolaGrafiX™ but with a larger crystal.
Can be applied over any color ground coat you like however for the strongest effect darker ground coats produce a more intense effect.

HolaSpeX on Wheel


HolaGrafiX™ is a semi transparent coating saturated with fine light reflecting holographic pigments. In sunlight a brilliant rainbow effect can be observed. HolaGrafiX™ with its continually changing colour accents will add depth and mystery to your finish. When applied as directed you will achieve a uniquely holographic effect. HolaGrafiX™ offers an exciting finish that can be applied to vehicles, wheels, trim components, artwork, plastics, wood, tiles and glass; almost anything that you can paint or imagine can sparkle like the rainbow!


Quick application guide:

  • HolaSpeX™ & HolaGrafiX™ are normally applied over a *Pure Black BaZecoat™ which has been 2K clear coated with Diamond Clear™. The clear coat must have a high gloss finish and must be fully cured.
  • Then using a mini gun 0.8mm, apply very light coats of HolaSpeX™/HolaGrafiX™, best results are normally achieved with 3-4 light coats.
  • Key Clear™ over the HolaSpeX™/HolaGrafiX™ to lock in place with maximum adhesion.
  • Finally apply Diamond Clear™ 2K top coat for a high gloss finish with UV protection.
    *Other colors of ground coats can be used for alternate color effects. See TDS for all details.