Flat and Satin Clear

Flat Clear™ & Satin Clear™ – 2K Clearcoats

Flat Clear & Satin Clear Paint

Delve into the world of DNA® – Custom Paints and explore the magic of Flat Clear™ & Satin Clear™ Paints. Our Australian-crafted, modern 2K clear coats redefine custom painting and offer an unparalleled experience to painters and enthusiasts. Whether you’re a professional artist, a hobbyist, or someone seeking to give their possessions a refreshing makeover, our satin clear coat is tailored for you.

Satin Finish Clear Coat

Satin Clear™ isn’t just another product on the shelf. It’s a game-changer designed for those who value subtlety with flair. What’s unique about it?
Easy Application: Satin Clear™ is as effortless to apply as any regular 2K clear coat. There are no complicated steps. No special equipment.
Versatility: With satin clear coat spray paint, liberate your creative self. From vibrant reds to deep blues, this clear coat complements all shades, not just the usual gloss finish. It magnifies the depth of your chosen colour, giving it a silky touch.
Durability in High Traffic Areas: Ideal for spaces that witness the hustle and bustle, the satin finish is visually appealing and robust enough to withstand the everyday grind, ensuring longevity.
Optimal Light Reflection: It strikes the right balance. While it doesn’t gleam like gloss, it reflects more light than matte, giving your space a radiant yet muted shine.

Flat Clear Coat Spray Paint

Elevate the realm of your artistic endeavours with the Flat Clear™. Let’s dive into its standout features:
Ease of Use: Like the Satin Clear™, the flat clear coat paint application is a breeze. It aligns perfectly with the application methods of traditional 2K clear coats.
Endless Colour Options: Why restrict yourself to black? Although it perfectly enhances a black base, the flat clear coat spray paint seamlessly pairs with any shade or intricate artwork, promising a consistent flat finish.
Resistance Like Never Before: Are you tired of seeing scuffs and scratches on your artwork? With Flat Clear™, those concerns are things of the past. We’ve pushed boundaries to offer an unmatched resistance level, previously only imagined by custom painters desiring a sturdy, flat finish.
Acclaimed By Professionals: Our Flat Clear™ isn’t just our pride. It’s been heralded as “The Best Flat & Satin Clears around” by many custom painters.

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Why Choose DNA® – Custom Paints?

When you opt for DNA® – Custom Paints, you’re not just purchasing a product. You’re investing in:
Quality: Our paints are top-of-the-line, promising excellence at every stroke.
Innovation: We’re pioneers in introducing revolutionary products like the satin finish clear coat and flat clear coat paint.
Freedom of Expression: Don’t be limited by colours or finishes. With our range, you have the canvas to paint your imagination.

Elevate & Express

With DNA® – Custom Paints, transformation isn’t just about change. It’s about evolution, enhancement, and elevating to new heights. Whether it’s an artwork, a piece of furniture, or an entire room, let your spaces and creations echo with our satin clear coat while enjoying the premium touch of our Flat Clear™ & Satin Clear™ Paints. Get in touch with us today!

Flat Clear™
Satin Clear™

1.5lt Flat Clear kit

1x FC01-1             1lt Flat Clear
1x HFXS-500     500ml FX Hardener (S)

4lt Flat Clear kit

1x FC01-3       3lt Flat Clear
1x HFXS-1      1lt FX Hardener (S)

Shop – Flat ClearTDS – Flat Clear

1.5lt Satin Clear kit

1x SC01-1            1lt Satin Clear
1x HFXS-500     500ml FX Hardener (S)

4lt Satin Clear kit

1x SC01-3       3lt Satin Clear
1x HFXS-1      1lt FX Hardener (S)

Shop – Satin ClearTDS – Satin Clear
Flat Clear™
Satin Clear™
Satin Clear™