Flat Black & Satin Black Paint

Step into the world of DNA® – Custom Paints, where black paint gets a whole new definition. Immerse yourself in Flat Black™ & Satin Black™ – two revolutionary 2K finishes that transform ordinary into extraordinary. If you’ve been searching for that impeccable black flat paint that marries durability with aesthetic appeal, you’re in the right place.
Flat Black™ & Satin Black™: Not just any black, but a robust 2K black finish.
Versatility at its Finest: Whether it’s a vintage bike, a cozy bedroom, or an artsy sculpture, our paints are tailored for any item compatible with 2K paint.
Beyond Ordinary: Say goodbye to regular scuffing and scratching. Dive into the world of resistance and durability previously unseen in black paints.

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2K Black Spray Paint

For those who value convenience without compromising on quality, our 2k black spray paint is the ultimate game-changer. Designed for seamless application and consistent coverage, this spray paint promises to deliver:
Hassle-Free Application: No brushes or rollers, just a can of high-quality 2K black magic.
Consistent Finish: Achieve an even coat every time, ensuring your masterpiece looks professional and polished.
Endurance: Equipped with our custom formulation, expect resilience against wear and tear, making it perfect for those high-touch areas.

Satin Black Paint

While Flat Black™ offers the flattest matte finish, our satin black paint is for those who desire a touch of elegance with a whisper of gloss. It presents:
Soft & Subtle Gloss: Just the right amount to capture attention without being overly shiny.
Perfect Balance: Striking the balance between matte and glossy, Satin Black™ is the goldilocks of black paints.
Dynamic & Adaptable: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, its versatility is unmatched.

The Magic of Black

Black stands out when you think of colours that define class, sophistication, and timelessness. It’s not just a colour; it’s an experience:
Bold & Beautiful: Ask any design pro, and they’ll tell you – black paint exudes boldness, sensuality, and refinement.
Universal Appeal: From sprawling foyers to intimate corners, black has found its way into hearts and homes. And not just as a dominant colour – even small accents can significantly impact.
Neutral Yet Nuanced: Like whites and greys, black is neutral. But its strength lies in its ability to contrast, complement, and elevate other materials, colours, and textures.
Embrace the potential of black. Let it mesmerise, captivate, and inspire. With DNA® – Custom Paints, you don’t just paint; you make a statement. Dive into our world and let black redefine your canvas.

Satin Black & Flat Black Kits

Satin Black & Flat Black are available in 1.5lt and 4lt kits.

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