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At DNA® we were born to create and customise almost anything. If something can be modified, customised, restored or just made to look amazing and turn a few heads, we want to be there! If we can’t be there we at least like to be part of it by manufacturing a huge range of cutting edge custom paints and special effect products that allow you to customise whatever you like!
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Popular DNA products, colours and effects. Candies, Candy Basecoats, Colour-Shift Pearls, Clear Coats, Base Coats, Chrome Paints and more...

Custom Painters, Artists & Creatives

DNA™ Custom Painters, Artists and Creatives. These artists have demonstrated the skills required to produce various professionally finished custom projects using DNA™ Custom Paints. Find and contact your Custom Painter or Creative Artist for your DNA™ project. Different painters and artists have differing styles, skills, interests and levels of expertise with various DNA™ products and in painting differing substrates and projects. Check these differences here and via their social media links. Note: DNA™ does not guarantee ability, quality or pricing of any artists, painters or businesses listed on this site. It is your responsibility to research and determine whether or not a painter or artist is capable of delivering to your requirements and is the right choice for your project.




Proud Partner - DNA & TRIDENT Airbrush Paints

The Torch provides art, cultural and arts industry support to Indigenous offenders and ex-offenders in Victoria. Their aim is to reduce the rate of re-offending by encouraging the exploration of identity and culture through art programs to define new pathways upon release. TRIDENT Airbrush Paints is proud partner of the Torch and their Mural artworks.

There are many ways you can get involved in The Torch’s work and do your part for the Indigenous men and women in our in-prison and post-release programs. Buy Artwork, Donate, Buy Products, Visit an Exhibition, License or Commission an Artwork, Engage with the Mural Team.

Learn or find out more about The Torch via the link below.



Show us what you have done! We would love to see what you have created as well as share and show off your work to inspire others, promote you or your business or just get you get the kudos you deserve.