Display Shapes for custom painting

DNA Custom Paints have a complete range of custom display shapes that can be custom painted in any DNA product you choose. Use them as a store display, to show a customer a spray out of what they are getting or simply create your own custom collection of jobs and colors that you have completed or created! Create a walled display or store them in glass display cabinet under lights. The options are endless.
Many custom painters are now supplying their customers with a small painted Aeroshape in the color of their own vehicle. These little trophies are often carried around and shown to everyone for a few weeks before finally making it onto a desk or into a Man Cave. Customers simply love them!

All sizes listed below are approximate sizes.

Aero Shapes

Use DNA Display Shapes for:

Wall displays, Sales displays, Counter displays, Customer samples, Spray-out samples, Trade Show displays, Painted colour sample of your vehicle or project, Art works and more…

Mini Bonnet

Mini Bonnet / Hood

Black ABS mini bonnet
400mm x 390mm 40mm
Prep and paint for your own custom artwork or color sample. Great for airbrush artists! (Unpainted) #DS-03
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Aero Shapes - Small

Small Pack of 10pcs

Black ABS shape
L140 x W70 x H30mm
Prep and paint for your own samples. (Unpainted) #DS-05

Aero Shapes - Medium

Aeroshapes Medium
Pack of 10pcs

Black ABS shape
L215 x W110 x H47mm
Prep and paint for your own samples. (Unpainted) #DS-06

Aero Shape  wall display - Small

Aeroshape Display Sheet – Small

Black ABS Sheet
L390 x W455 x H30mm
Holds 10x small Aerosshapes #DS-08

Aero Shape  wall display - Medium

Aeroshape Display Sheet – Medium

Black ABS Sheet
L455 x W295 x H50mm
Holds 6x medium Aerosshapes #DS-09

Aero Shapes & Tray Pack - Small

Custom Library Pack

L310 x W410 x H40mm
10x small Aeroshapes in black plastic display tray. (Unpainted) #DS-04

Aero Shape  display trays - Medium

Display Trays
Pack of 5

L310 x W410 x H40mm
Black plastic display trays.
(No shapes included) #PTS-B

Painted Mini Skulls
Painted Mini Bonnet