Guitar Aerosol Custom Paint

Customise your Guitar with Aerosol Cans!

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Guitar Aerosol Custom Paint

Art Deco-inspired Jazzmaster guitar, painted with DNA Custom Aerosols!

Have you ever thought about customising your guitar? Our friend John Norcic shared with us this guitar he painted with DNA Aerosols!

“I combined the Gold and Silver DNA Flake product to create a champagne-coloured flake coat over a pin-striped vinyl Art Deco layer down on the metallic base to create a very subtle variation. When covered with candy, it boosts the pattern at various angles. Because of the candy’s depth, you can see the patterns only from certain angles.”

Read about the process!

2 x Coats of Sanding Sealer with flat sanding (the body is mahogany so you have to fill the grain very well, otherwise the grain will reappear)

2 x Coats of Normfest 1K Multi-Connector Dark Grey Primer

3 x Coats of DNA Silver Flare Metallic BaZecoat

Pin-striping the Art Deco pattern with 3mm vinyl tape (takes a few hours)

2 x Coats of Silver Flake

1 x Coat of Gold Flake

3 x Coats of Dark Ale Candy

4 x Coats of Normfest 2K High-Gloss Clearcoat (Klarlack)

Gold Leaf Pinstripe Gilding

Hours and hours of wet-sanding from 1200 to 3000 Grit

2 x Coats of Normfest 2K High-Gloss Clearcoat (Klarlack) as Flow Coat

Hours and hours of wet sanding and cutting/buffing/polishing