Colour Shift Pearl

Welcome to DNA® – Custom Paints, where colour shift pearl paints take centre stage. These aren’t just your regular paints; they have a magical aura, shifting their shades with a mesmerising fluidity based on the viewing angle. Its extreme metallic charisma effortlessly transitions between colours, making anything it decorates a subject of fascination.

Chameleon Paint

If you’ve ever been fascinated by the ethereal beauty of nature’s chameleons, our chameleon paint is your ticket to experience that magic. These paints mirror the captivating shades of chameleons, offering an ever-changing colour palette. Every glimpse promises a unique shade, making it a visual treat:
Ever-evolving Hues: This paint is ever-changing, offering a fresh palette with every look.
Universal Charm: Perfect for artists, car enthusiasts, or anyone looking to infuse a touch of magic into their projects.
Artistic Freedom: Whether you want a subtle shade transition or a dramatic colour dance, chameleon paint grants you the freedom to craft your vision.

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Colour Changing Car Paints

Take your artistic aspirations to another level with DNA®’s colour changing car paint range. No longer just a mode of transport, let your vehicle become a canvas that tells tales of transformation. Watch in awe as the paint morphs from the serene blue of morning skies to the passionate red of evening sunsets.
Essential Highlights:
The Magic of Harlequin: Often called harlequin car paint due to its vibrant nature, it brings a kaleidoscope of colours to life. It’s like having a carnival of shades at your fingertips.
Optimal Impact: To bring out the deepest and most enchanting colour transitions, we recommend applying the paint over a darker base, preferably black.
UV Shield: Our love for your art goes beyond just colours. To ensure your creation stays radiant and unfazed by the sun’s intensity, a protective layer of DNA™ 2K Clear Coat is necessary.
Why stop at cars? Unleash your creativity on any canvas, whether it’s bikes, murals, or sculptures. Whether you’re in the mood for the gentle ebb and flow of colour shift spray paint or the intense dynamism of chameleon auto paint, DNA® – Custom Paints has something tailored just for you.

Colour Changing Paint: Simplicity in Application

At DNA® – Custom Paints, we believe everyone should experience transformation’s joy. That’s why we’ve designed our products to be user-friendly:
Easy Steps: No need for a professional setup. Follow simple guidelines, and you’re set to paint the town in your chosen shades!
Guidance: Not sure how to get started? Our team is always ready to assist and guide you through the journey.
Why should your colours remain static in a world where everything constantly evolves? Dive into the magic of shifting shades, immerse in the spectacle of colour shift pearl, and let your world be as dynamic as you are with DNA® – Custom Paints. We promise a painting and an experience that will leave you and onlookers in awe every single time.

Available in 1 litre and aerosol cans