Candy ColorZ™

Candy ColorZ™ are true Candy Concentrates manufactured from the most intense & high quality dyes available to provide crisp clear colours like no other.
With a huge range of colours Candy ColorZ can be easily combined and mixed with other colours to create almost any custom candy colour you like. Mix it up and apply them over a different colour of ground coat to get an entirely different colour.

Candy ColorZ are also available as an easy to use Pre-Mixed.
Pre-Mixed Candy ColorZ™ are easier to use with no measuring and no messy mixing required. Simply reduce with DNA™ Candy Reducer™ and they are ready to use!

The colours illustrated on our website, on our painted Aeroshape Samples and in the DNA™ Colour Book can all be achieved as follows:
4 coats of Candy ColorZ™ – Pre-Mixed, applied over #BM02 Silver Flare BaZecoat™
4 coats of Candy ColorZ™ – Concentrate, Mixed into FX Intercoat at 10%) applied over #BM02 Silver Flare BaZecoat™
These standards are a guide only, spray guns, gun setups, spraying conditions, applicator technique, skill and other variables all play a part and do vary the result you will achieve spraying candies. The applicator must always be prepared and know how to adjust in order overcome these variables and to achieve the desired colour and result.

Candy ColorZ Concentrates available in 250ml
Pre-Mixed Candy ColorZ available in 250ml 500ml, 1 litre & 4 litre
*Now available in a range of 350ml Aerosols Cans