Candy Colours

Welcome to the vibrant world of DNA® – Custom Paints, where our candy colours shimmer with intensity and promise. Dive into the true essence of candy paints that have been carefully created for both passionate artists and professional spray painters. Often recognised as candy apple paints, our offerings boast the finest dyes, ensuring vivid, clear, and fantastic transparent colours. Every drop speaks of a rich and lively candy shade, whether it's a tempting candy apple red paint or the subtle hues of a tranquil evening.

Candy Paints on Cars

Cars are more than just machines; they're canvases waiting to be adorned. And what better way to do it than with our candy paint on cars range? Renowned for their deep, radiant appeal, these paints enhance the aesthetics and capture the soul of the vehicle. From the classic allure of the candy apple paint to the modern-day vibrancy of various shades, DNA® offers a spectrum of possibilities:
Vivid and Transparent: Revel in the clarity of our candy colours, ideal for that deep and enchanting car finish.
Versatile Combinations: Mix and match our candy colours car paint to curate a shade that's uniquely yours.

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Custom Candy Paint

In the world of colours, being unique is a virtue. DNA® acknowledges this and presents its custom candy paint range. By layering Candy ColorZ over varied ground coats, various bespoke shades come to life. Shades are so unique, they are yours and yours alone:
Personalised Shades: Make a statement with colours that resonate with your persona.
Easy-to-Use Pre-Mixed Options: Skip the guesswork with our pre-mixed Candy ColorZ, requiring no intricate measurements or mixing. Simply blend with DNA™ Candy Reducer™, and you're all set!
Concentrated Choices: Our candy concentrate paint provides the perfect playground for those who love to experiment.

H2: Achieving the Perfect Shade

While our website, Aeroshape Samples, and DNA™ Colour Book showcase plenty of shades, achieving the perfect candy paint shade does hinge on a few variables:
Mixing Essentials:
Candy Concentrate: Incorporate into FX Intercoat at 10%, then reduce (1:1), followed by 4 coats over #BM02 Silver Flare BaZecoat™.
Candy Pre-Mixed: After reducing (1:1), apply 4 coats over #BM02 Silver Flare BaZecoat™.
Variables Matter: Factors like the spray gun type, setup, environmental conditions, individual techniques, and skill levels play pivotal roles in the final outcome. While our paints are designed for optimal results, nuances can still arise.

Remember, working with candy colours, especially specialty ones like Harley candy, requires an artistic touch. It's not just about following steps but also adapting, experimenting, and occasionally innovating to achieve that dream shade.

Explore the chromatic brilliance of DNA® – Custom Paints and discover the colour that's waiting to mirror your spirit. Whether it's the roads you cruise on or the art you create, let it reflect your essence, one candy shade at a time.

Candy ColorZ Concentrates

available in 250ml

Pre-Mixed Candy ColorZ

available in 250ml 500ml, 1 litre & 4 litre


*Now available in a range of 350ml Aerosol Cans