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Candy Basecoats

Introducing the colourful world of candy basecoats with DNA® – Custom Paints. When you're looking for the timeless attraction of classic candy finishes mixed with modern innovation, look no further. Designed carefully to create the perfect balance between the old and new, our candy basecoats are a dream for both amateurs and professionals. Whether reviving an old classic or starting a fresh project, rely on the DNA® touch to make it truly shine.

Basecoat Car Paints

Every masterpiece starts with a solid foundation. In painting, that foundation is the basecoat. DNA®'s basecoat car paints are more than just a layer of colour; they're the first step to perfection. Wondering why our basecoats have gained such acclaim?
Deep Visual Appeal: They capture the deep visual depth and shimmer similar to that of cherished traditional candies.
Uncomplicated Application: Our paints are straightforward to use. Even if you're acquainted only with metallic basecoats, the process will be seamless.
Universal Fit: Equally splendid for full-blown auto projects or minor touch-ups.
Match Perfection: With a focus on consistent brilliance, our basecoats are specially formulated for use over solid ground coats.

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Aerosol Base Paint

Convenience and quality rarely go hand in hand, but with DNA®'s aerosol base coat, you get the best of both worlds. Specially tailored for those who prefer the efficiency of a spray can or are working on smaller ventures where traditional methods might be overkill:
Utmost Convenience: Simple, clean, and smooth application every single time.
Range of Sizes: From the compact 500ml for quick touch-ups, a mid-range 1 litre, to the generous 4 litres for more extensive projects.
Enduring Finish: Despite its convenience, there's no compromise on durability. Expect a finish that's both gorgeous and long-lasting.
Guided Application: We understand the importance of getting the base right. That's why our technical data sheets (TDS) provide all the guidance you'll need.

The DNA® Advantage in Candy Basecoats

Why settle for the ordinary when you can choose the extraordinary? DNA® – Custom Paints isn't just about colours and shades; it's about creating memorable experiences. Our candy basecoat spray paints are created with this spirit:
True-to-Tradition: While they're a fresh take on traditional candies, the essence remains authentic, offering users a contemporary and classic experience.
Palette of Possibilities: With a myriad of shades, every vision, every dream colour you've imagined, is within reach.
Pledge of Quality: Our paints aren't just about aesthetics; they're built for strength and vibrancy and to stand against time and weather.

DNA®'s candy basecoats are more than just another paint option in the market. They're a fusion of art, science, tradition, and innovation. A tool in the hands of the artist known as the painter. An invitation to build stories, evoke emotions and create masterpieces. Whether it's a tiny project tucked away in the garage or a grand automotive restoration, trust in DNA® to add the magic touch.