Rainbow Mojo - Holographic FX Paint

Rainbow Mojo™ Aerosol

Apply over over any *colour of your choice to achieve a stunning holographic rainbow paint effect that is absolutely BLING-TACULAR!

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Aerosol Candy Paint

Candy ColorZ™ Aerosol

Full range of True Candy Paint dyes in custom aerosol cans. Traditionally applied over Metallic Silver or Metal Flake ground coats these candies will give you depth and colour that is unheard for an aerosol.

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Candy Basecoat Paint

Candy Basecoats Aerosol

Visual depth and appeal of traditional candy, but using standard application methods like that of a of a traditional metallic basecoat!

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Aerosol Colour Shift Paint

Colour-Shift Aerosol Paint

Color shifting with a metallic look. If you want maximum colour change effect, always use over a Black ground coat. For best results always top coat with DNA™ or Normfest™ clear coat.

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Aerosol Metallic Paint

Metallic Paint Aerosol

For the perfect that Candy ColorZ™ ground coat colour with a traditional metallic look or just because you want that old school metallic!

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Aerosol Metal Flake

Metal Flake Aerosol

Silver or Gold Metal Flake aerosol. Perfect as a ground coat for candies or just coz you want bling!

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Aerosol Pearl Basecoat

Micro PearlZ™ Aerosol

“Old School Pearls” in a custom aerosol! Creates a stunning traditional pearlescent effect.

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Aerosol Pearl Basecoat

Pearl Basecoats Aerosol

Helix Shimmering pearlescent colours that leave other basecoats looking lifeless, dull and boring!

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Aerosol Fluro Flourescent Paint

Fluorescent Aerosol Paint

Fluorescent colours are applied over a white ground coat to achieve fluorescence of color. Fluorescent colours need to be 2K cleared for maximum UV protection and a durable final finish.

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Aerosol Solid Colours

Solid Basecoat Colours

Profile Solid Basecoat colours for maximum impact or for a custom ground coat colour required under a Candy Basecoat, Colour-Shift or other custom colour.

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Aerosol Clear Coat

Clear Coats

2K Custom Clear (Hi-Gloss)
2K Satin Clear, 2K Flat Clear &  range of 1K Clears for automotive, artworks, bikes, helmets and more…  2K in a spray can!

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Aerosol Primer

Aerosol Primers

1K & 2K Primers
1K & 2K Epoxy Primers
Etch Primers
Plastic Primer

Suitable for most surfaces

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Aerosol Paint Cleaners and Degreasers

Cleaners – Aerosol

Acetone, Gun Wash
Anti Static Cleaner
Glass Cleaner
Isopropyl Alcohol
Wax & Grease Remover
Spray on and wipe off

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Aerosol Paint

Step into the vibrant world of DNA® – Custom Paints, where the brilliance of aerosol paint is unveiled in all its glory. A simple shake and press transport you to a realm where you can effortlessly breathe life into objects, infusing them with colour and character. Think about it: the ability to transform, rejuvenate, and redefine, all encapsulated in a handheld can. Whether you’re an inspired artist, a home DIY enthusiast, or someone looking to add a dash of colour to everyday objects, DNA® promises a shade, a finish, and an experience tailored just for you. From tiny trinkets to larger-than-life installations, our aerosol paints know no bounds.

2K Paint

Experience the unmatched prowess of 2K paint, a choice that professionals and hobbyists alike have come to adore. DNA® – Custom Paints couples two powerful components to forge a paint that doesn’t just shine; it endures. Why should 2K Paint be on your radar?

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Long-Lasting Luster:

Revel in a shine that refuses to fade, ensuring your projects always look their best.


Come rain or shine, 2K remain unfazed, defending against the elements.

Automotive Excellence:

Specially curated for vehicular parts that demand the utmost resilience, like brake callipers & engines.

Custom Spray Paint Cans

Unlock limitless creativity with our custom spray paint cans. Thoughtfully designed, these cans are more than just paint vessels; they are transformation tools. They democratise the art of painting, ensuring everyone can achieve awe-inspiring results regardless of skill level.

Delving deeper into these wonder cans:

Adaptable & Versatile: Be it a petite project like a sculpture or bike, or larger endeavours like furniture revamping, our cans are up for the task.

Palette Galore:

Navigate through finishes ranging from Candies, and Metal Flakes, to the mesmerising Chameleon Effects.

Simplicity at Its Best:

Bid farewell to bulky equipment and tedious procedures. Our aerosol cans are primed and ready for action, making home projects a breeze.

The DNA® Difference in Aerosol

Have you ever wondered what sets DNA® apart in custom aerosol paint? It’s our unwavering commitment to you, our user. We resonate with the joy creation brings, the pride in seeing a dream materialise, and the unparalleled convenience that a spray can introduce. Here’s why DNA® stands out:

Professional-Caliber Outcomes:

Bring studio-quality paint effects into your space. With DNA®, professional results are a spray away.

Everyday Ease:

Our custom spray can paint is moulded for all. No fuss, no muss, just pure painting pleasure.

Heat Resilient:

Crafted to withstand high temperatures, our paints are perfect for parts like engine components and brake callipers needing extra toughness.

Why Choose DNA® Aerosols?

DNA® – Custom Paints is not just a brand; it’s a promise of quality, reliability, and innovation. Our aerosol paint is curated keeping you in mind:

Broad Application: From surfboards, skateboards, and RC gadgets to home furniture and art installations – if you can think it, our aerosols can paint it.

All-Inclusive Range: Dive into our expansive collection, featuring Fluorescent Paints, 1K Clear Coats, 2K Clear Coats, Primers, Wax & Grease Removers, and much more.

Home-Friendly: Achieve intricate custom paint effects, typically reserved for studios, right in the comfort of your home.

Start a colourful journey with DNA® – Custom Paints. Delight in simplicity, celebrate creativity and watch as your world transforms, one spray at a time.

Why Aerosols…

  • Create professional custom paint effects at home
  • Simple to use
  • No special equipment required
  • Range of custom colours
  • Easy cleaner application
  • Apply almost anywhere
  • Hi-Temp, suitable for Brake callipers & Engines
  • Perfect for small jobs – bikes, art, sculptures, furniture… anything!
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