DNA™ Custom Aerosols are designed so anyone can create professional custom paint effects at home without needing professional spray painting equipment or needing to purchase commercial quantities of paints and other products..
DNA™ Aerosols are perfect for small projects such as sculptures, artworks, car parts, bikes, surfboards, skateboards, RC cars and planes, furniture and almost anything else that you care to paint!

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Why Aerosols…

  • Create professional custom paint effects at home
  • Simple to use
  • No special equipment required
  • Range of custom colours
  • Easy cleaner application
  • Apply almost anywhere
  • DNA™ quality in a can
  • Perfect for small jobs – bikes, art, sculptures, furniture… anything!
DNA Custom Aerosols

Candy ColorZ™
Full range of True Candy Paint dyes in custom aerosol cans. Traditionally applied over Metallic Silver or Metal Flake ground coats these candies will give you depth and colour that is unheard for an aerosol.

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Candy Basecoats
Visual depth and appeal of traditional candy, but using standard application methods of a traditional metallic basecoat!
New colours released in 2021!

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DNA Custom Aerosols

For the perfect Candy ColorZ™ ground coat colour, traditional chunky metallic paint or anything else you want metallic!

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Colour-Shift Pearls
Color shifting with a metallic look. For maximum colour change effect use over Black ground coat. For best results always top coat with DNA™ or Normfest™ clear coat.
Available in a range of custom colours

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Metal Flake
Silver or Gold Metal Flake aerosol. Perfect as a ground coat for candies or just coz you want bling!
Flake size 50 micron

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1K & 2K Gloss & Semi-Gloss Clear Coats, automotive, artworks, tanks, helmets, colour match cards and many other projects.
Clear from a can!

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HeliX Pearl Basecoats
Shimmering pearlescent colours that leave other basecoats looking lifeless, dull and boring!

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Fluro Basecoats
Fluorescent colours are applied over a white ground coat to achieve fluorescence of color. Fluorescent colours need to be 2K cleared for maximum UV protection and a durable final finish.

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Profile Solid Basecoats
Use DNA Solid Basecoat colours for maximum impact for a custom ground coat colour under your Candy Basecoat, Colur-Shift or other custom colour.

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1K & 2K Primers
1K & 2K Epoxy Primers
Etch Primers
Plastic Primer

Suitable or most surfaces

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AEROSOL Cleaners
Acetone, Gun Wash
Anti Static Cleaner
Glass Cleaner
Isopropyl Alcohol
Wax & Grease Remover
Spray on and wipe off

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