DNA® – Custom Paints

At DNA® we feel we were born to create and customize almost anything. If something can be modified, customized, restored or just made to look amazing and turn a few heads, we want to be there! If we can’t be there we at least like to be part of it by manufacturing a huge range of cutting edge custom paints and special effect products that allow you to customize whatever you like!

Driven by superior quality control and high technical standards. DNA® paints are full of life, color and creativity.

DNA® paints are more alive, vibrant and easier to use because we have modified the DNA structure to make them stand out, be different and be noticed! Just like everyone has different DNA, we like to think every DNA® custom painted project has its own unique DNA strand of individuality!

Made in Australia

DNA® paints are developed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. DNA® is 100% Australian owned and operated. DNA® was born over a decade ago when we found many custom painters could not get the products, colors or the technical support required from what was currently available. Seeing this opportunity and fuelled by our passion for all things custom, we set out to develop a custom paint and brand that would:

      • Always have the stock available and ready to ship
      • Provide the world’s best technical support
      • Have Tech Data Sheets that make sense and can be followed
      • Make custom paints easier to use – no secret tips or techniques required!
      • Give equal support to amateur and professional painters
      • Be affordable


DNA® was originally developed for the Australian market. However, like all good things, the quality of the DNA® range of products, the above industry standard of stock holdings, technical service and support have seen DNA® grow rapidly into an internationally recognised brand.


DNA® paints are not limited only to automotive applications. DNA® paints also have many applications such as aviation, airbrush, architectural and industrial. They can also be applied to almost any surface that can be painted including plastics, glass, plaster, canvas, metals, wood and many more. The only restriction is your imagination.

Current Markets

DNA® is currently being shipped to many countries all over the world including the Middle East, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Africa, New Zealand and Europe. We have distributors located in Japan, South Africa and New Zealand and are currently looking to appoint master importers/distributors in the USA and Europe.


DNA® is a market leader in the development and manufacturing of exciting specialist paints and coatings. We ensuring that all products manufactured exceed market expectations and are made using only the highest quality pigments, dyes and resins available.

Company Culture

DNA’s® company culture incorporates a very strong commitment to quality control and a continual development and improvement of all products. It is through this continual commitment to improvement that new and improved products, colours and ideas are born and released to the market.
DNA® employees are encouraged to have fun while they work and to always strive to think creatively and independently. This creative and fun working spirit, coupled with our strong focus on customer satisfaction is strongly embraced and enjoyed by all team members at DNA®.

Technical Support

At DNA® we pride ourselves on our customer service and technical support. We understand that for many of our customers it is the first time they have used custom or special effect paints. We are always there to support and help them learn and succeed with their projects by offering advice and technical support from our qualified DNA® custom painters.

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