4 Custom Fishing Lure Creators Using DNA™ Custom Paints ?

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April JB Signature Lures

These beautiful personalised fishing lures catch Marlin and Tuna all over the world! The colours and effects were achieved with Color-Shift PearlsFlakeZ™ and Intercoats.

Big T Lures

Adrian Thompson uses Mutant CrystalZ™ to achieve this crystallised effect. Loved by Golden Perch and Murray Cod!

Bezaro Lures

Lance Beriman has been using Candy ColorZ™, Mutant CrystalZ™ and Color-Shift Pearls to create astonishing handmade timber lures that Murray Cod can’t ignore!

Lakewood Lures

Eye-catching? Murray cod catching! This hand-carved lure was painted with multiple DNA™ Custom Paints and colours, including Sahara Yellow Candy ColorZ™!