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Black Chrome™ Product Information

Black Chrome™ represents the ultimate proprietary advance in metalised Chrome paints. This highly reflective rich Black Chrome™ has no equal!

Easy to apply without the need for specialized equipment and with our Key Clear™ you will achieve that uniquely rich Black Chrome™ look. Our easy to follow technical data sheet shows you how easy it is to apply with guaranteed consistent results every time!

Black Chrome™ is a versatile and easy to use paint which can be applied with any quality gun and dries instantly into a brilliant rich finish. DNA™ Black Chrome™ is applied using standard, HTE spray guns, or Air Brushes.

This product is easy to work with. You will find Black Chrome™ is perfect for wheels, motor cars and trim components, furniture, feature panels, advertising signage, glass splash backs, architectural finishes and a host of other uses.

You may wish to add flames or other custom art-work over the top, or for something uniquely different, add some Candy ColorZ™ to your top clear coat to achieve that “special” look! Refer to the TDS.

Our technical team members are available and happy to assist with any technical support you may need. At DNA™, our aim is to work with and support you get the best possible results.

WARNING: Special effects painting can be difficult and complex to do. It is vital that you understand how to use these DNA™ products. Check to ensure you have the latest version of the Technical Data Sheet. Always spray-out a test panel and if you have any concerns, contact DNA or your local seller.

Experience is only gained through practice. To assist you further, we recommend you check out the enormous range of instructional DVDs and Books

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